AGATHOCLES | TERROR FIRMER - Morning Kiss | From Paranoia to Mental Obliteration

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Belgium Mincecore veterans AGATHOCLES deliver 4 raw and brutal old school style tracks.  On the flipside, Italy's TERROR FIRMER present 3 raging tracking of early Earache style trashing Grindcore and a MELAKKA cover.

File Under: Grindcore

Label(s): Rodel Records, Grindfather Productions, Neanderthal Stench, Scimmia Bastarda, Cryptic Grind, Nuclear Alcoholocaust, ZAS Autoproduzione, Gusto Rana! Production, EveryDayHate
Cat. #: GF137, ED052, CG004, SB025, RR036, CG004, NA128, GR062
Release Year: 2014
Format: 7" EP
Color: Black Vinyl
Notes: None